christmas dedications

i found an old piece of paper where i composed the little notes i wrote to my family for their christmas gifts last year, so here they are for posterity.

mom (with a copy of poet’s market):
i always thought i’d turn out to be a writer, but now it’s clear that you’re a real writer, and i think if you keep at it, you can make a name for yourself – i know you can! i hope this book can help – i love you, mom.

dad (with a copy of john muir’s travels through alaska):
i know you’re not a member of the sierra club, but i think you and mr. muir share the same love of the outdoors. in many ways, i think the land you live in isn’t much different for you than it was for him. i hope it’s a good read – i love you, dad.

catherine (with a copy of metallica’s “st. anger”):
this is a great album – they’ve gone back to take-no-prisoners metal. i know you are facing many obstacles getting ready for launch, so hopefully you can draw strength from this music and crush whatever stands in your way. rock on. i love you, catherine.

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