enzo is three

i can’t believe my little boy is 3 today…

so many things are different in my life now that he’s here that my pre-child life seems almost like a dream, or a story about someone else. what did kc and i do with ourselves? how boring life was!

maybe that’s the difference between having a kid at 28 vs having one much earlier. i’m sure that childless people have plenty of interesting activities but the stuff that i used to do seems so shallow compared to the day-to-day struggles and joys of parenting.

he had a good day. sadly it was a weekday, so he spent most of it at preschool.

in the morning there was a front-end loader waiting for him, a gift from his mama boone. it was kinda hard to pull him away from it to leave the house, and he was sad to leave it, but that’s the way it goes, i guess. when we arrived at preschool the glue was drying on a really cool birthday crown, which he was still wearing when we came in the afternoon to get him.

then we came home and opened some presents, and there was so much cool stuff to be done he didn’t even know what to do. we ordered his favorite pizza, ate, and then it was time for the bed routine.

after he was down kc and i couldn’t help but wish we’d been able to spend more time with him on his special day, but he had fun, and he’s going to have a party on saturday, so it is ok.

happy birthday special boy!

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