enzo (my beautiful 1 year old son, for those who may not know) cut his head open today.

i wasn’t here when it happened, but i got a sudden phone call from a screaming and crying woman i finally realized was kacey, telling me that he’d fallen out of his high chair and had a cut on his head. enzo was wailing as loud as he could, and in response to her frantic “what do i do?!?!” all i could do was ask stupid questions like “where is he bleeding?” and “does it look bad?”

she had the sense to hang up with me then and call the doctor, and we hung up. then i was left to the unique feeling of dull helplessness that every parent of a hurt child feels. what could i do? i just sat at my desk and rubbed my head, trying to distract my noggin from terrible images of my bloody son. a half hour or so went by and i called and got her on her cell phone. she was waiting for the doctor to come in and had no diagnosis yet, but at least she said that he was acting more normal and playing and stuff.

after that i waited another half hour or so and tried to focus on code, but getting my events wired up to my dropdown lists properly just didn’t really seem that important right then. when i talked to her again i found out that he wasn’t going to need stitches, and that he had no other signs of head trauma.


after seeing it i’m surprised he’s not getting stitches. it looks like a little pencil-eraser size dent in his head. because head wounds bleed so much it’s hard to tell just how big the actual cut is because there’s still a lot of clotting going on. he’s definitely set a new injury personal best.

poor little guy. he’s always a trooper with pain though. he always laughs right through it. i hope he can keep that attitude!

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