enzo’s sick

he puked at daycare yesterday all over one of the workers there, and then again when i was picking him up 20 minutes later. we brought him home and he looked kinda pale and was really fussy and whiny, and he puked a few more times. it had a weird cycle though: he’d barf, and then be really quiet in someone’s arms for a while, then he’d want to get down and just walk around a little bit, and then after that he’d start playing and laughing and be totally normal. then he’d get fussy and whiny, and we knew he’d puke in another 10 or 15 minutes.

the pediatrician’s office told us to get canned peaches or pears with syrup, and to give him a teaspoon of the syrup 15 minutes apart for two doses. if he kept that down, then he could have sips of water for 4 hours. if that worked, then 8 hours of all the fluids he wanted. and if that went well then i think he is considered cured. if he pukes after any one of the steps, you go back a step.

the syrup thing sounded kinda weird, but i guess it’s just a way to make sure they get some sugars in them before they puke again, because sugar is easily digested, i think.

anyway, he went to bed around 730 last night, really super tired, after having some sips of water. he hadn’t puked for an hour and a half or so, and he slept through the night. he woke up kinda dazed (tired, i think, from the night before), and today he’s been pretty fine, though he keeps lying down on the floor and rubbing his eyes like he’s tired. but it’s only 830 now. maybe we’ll take a late morning nap.

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