I have returned

It’s incredible that the last entry in here is of Sal as a baby.  He’s a boy now, and we just put his crib away a couple of weeks ago in favor of a toddler-sized bed. And Enzo is in kindergarten now. Kacey’s a full time mom, jewelry artist, business consultant and children’s book rep (all from home), and me?  Well…I guess I’m doing the same stuff I’ve always done.  I’m still working for the same place, and still doing much the same things when I’m not there.  Which as you might expect means that I need some new outlets for my energy after all this time.

So I’m going to have a serious go at blogging now.  I struggled for a while over picking some kind of theme, but as Kacey wisely said, “I think the most important thing is to just start doing it, and a theme will probably come out naturally.”

I know that I’m going to try to review all the media I consume, so there are categories for music, books, and movies.  I watch a lot of TV and play a lot of video games, too, so those will probably make it in here at times.  I don’t usually catch things right when they come out, so don’t expect me to be timely, though.

Anyway, you can probably expect some bits about programming and web usability, and just random stuff that I observe.  Sound eclectic?  Yeah, that’s the theme so far…

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