Adobe fanboy

I’m beginning to understand that Adobe’s corporate strategy these days is centered around unifying designers and developers, and maybe I’m starting to go along with it.

I went to this VT Flash User’s Group meeting last night and it was actually really interesting. It made me a lot more excited to learn Flex – it seems like Adobe’s really trying to address what they called “designer-developer productivity”: making it easier for designers and developers to work on stuff together, and giving us tools that we can all use collaboratively.

I did not know too much about their new product Air, but it’s basically a way of making a desktop application out of a Flex project. So you could have a Flash app that can work online or offline, and can use local files on the user’s computer, the clipboard, etc.

I came out of the meeting feeling like that’s the future of web development work – for example, a catalog product that has the depth and feel of the print work with the interactivity of the website. People could browse through community features and interact with other brand lovers while online, but they could take it with them and lovingly browse through all the product lines when they’re away from their network connection…what people create could be a catalog that can come to life.

If Flex can live up to its potential and let us bring the design and programming worlds closer together, it could transform the industry. Don’t worry though. It might be Java, ABAP or C#, but there’s always going to be a need for server-side programming. These fancy apps will need to get data from servers and there will always be a need for databases that get them. And we’re always going to need to print stuff. People like to hold things in their hands sometimes. But they’d flow from one of the Central Beautiful Functional Things that are created for each brand.

Maybe it’s the pizza I ate while I was there, but something happened last night that made me swoon over Adobe for a bit. Their RIA page has a bunch of good information too.

Manifesto over. Carry on.

P.S. For the record, yes, I won an iPod shuffle there, but no, that has nothing to do with the enthusiasm in this post. At all.

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