salvatore is 3

Dear Sal:

It seems like time passes more quickly for you than it does for your brother.  Much as Mommy and I try to keep the pace of your lives as mellow as we can, time still gets away from us.  You are already three!

There’s such a difference between two and three, Salvatore.  Now you run, climb, tumble and play with so much more confidence in your body.  You just do things now, where at two there was still a sort of experimental quality to how you moved.  Now you just go for it, and if you tumble and fall, well, it just means you have a good story and a scrape to show me when I come home that evening.

You think of much more than you can say, I think, but you try all the same, and I can tell that not being able to make the words come out of your mouth the way you want them to is incredibly frustrating sometimes.  And then you have a total meltdown, the likes of which Enzo never really had, the red-faced, balled-fists, eyes-shut screaming that only utter toddler helplessness can bring.  But you are like your mother, it seems.  You get over it, and you move on.  I know you will learn to live with life’s frustrations, but I hope you can learn to harness that fire inside, because it can be a pretty powerful force.

Not that you are inarticulate.  Far from it.  You have more words than I thought possible, and more new ones come every day, and you put them together in ever more complex arrays.  And you are very observant.  It’s strange to have a little one mention things to you that you thought passed them by, but that’s part of the joy of being a parent.  You and Enzo are a true reflection of how things are going at the Boone household, and I’m glad that you are both doing so well.

I am proud to be your father, and happy birthday!

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