hipster is a meaningless term

Liam pointed me to this article that calls out hipsters for basically being the endpoint of Western civilization.

It don’t think that you can compare self-obsessed club kids with a true counterculture, it was a nice n’ scathing evisceration of the vanity of people who try to be too hard to be cool without just trying hard to be real.

I think it’s a sign of the difference between 26 and 36 (to use one of my favorite phrases these days) that I think this way, but their reflexive preening attitude is my main worry about our hyperconnected world (and yes, haha irony that i’m putting this thought in a blog posting): very little happens nowadays that is not filtered through the great digital echo chamber.

It takes no time at all for shit to become stale.  Memes come and go, relentlessly farmed by people who want to be on the edge, and they wither and die like cut flowers.  How will the kids come up with good stuff if they’re so worried about how it’s going to look?  Maybe the only way to come up with something original is to toil away in digital seclusion, like neal stephenson.  Until that becomes hipster.  Then I guess creative people are fucked.

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