the sun also rises

i recently read hemingway’s story of the american in the italian army in wwi and his great romance with the english nurse. it was incredibly moving and descriptive. it was late at night when i finished, and the entire house was as silent as death. i was stricken totally dumb for quite a while afterward, and it took me a long time to get to sleep.

the back of the book said something like “his description of the german attack on caporetto is one of the great moments of literary history,” and i have to admit that i had been looking for it before it came, and when i was reading it, i didn’t know that was it. does that make sense? i guess even hemingway isn’t immune to the prejudicing effects of marketing. afterward i got interested in his life and times, and though i haven’t really read anything more detailed than some webpages, it seems like he actively marketed himself quite a bit too. it doesn’t seem like he carefully cultivated his “papa” persona (the fisherman and world-traveling big-game hunter and drinking buddy to the best) but he didn’t really do much to subvert it either.

he had undergone electroshock therapy at the end of his life and he started to lose his memory, i read. this site attributed this to his suicide, but i think only ernest knows that.

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