more bread, less cookie.

So Facebook is great at posting little snippets of what’s going on, but if you know me, you probably know that I like to pontificate.  Usually I just do a Cliff Claven style too-much-informational type rant in response to one of Enzo’s innocent “how does X work?” questions, but in an effort to practice my writing skills and shamelessly drive more traffic to my blog, I’ve connected it to my Facebook profile.

One thing that I want to try to preserve here is longer thoughts.  It seems like all I hear about is the death of blogs, and not just from vapid Twitterites but from places I wouldn’t expect like Wired and Nicholas Carr.  (I’ll ignore for now the fact that I read both of those pieces through Google Reader…)  And everyone, but everyone is reading less longer-format work.  I’ve been reading novels again the last six months or so and it’s really seemed to make a difference in how I think.  So both for myself and for any willing victims, I’m going to post stuff here that takes a little bit longer to say.  I want to make sure that I try to fight to preserve my favorite endangered species, the American Attention Span.

I’m sure the main result of posting a ton of notes is people de-following me and wondering why they decided to friend this guy who loves the sound of his own voice so much.  But hopefully you will find something interesting and/or thought provoking here.  Perhaps my desire to write longer pieces stems from the fact that I need to work on editing myself more.  But for years I wanted to write stuff and didn’t because I assumed that people wouldn’t want to read it.  So now I’m just trying to ignore the fact that you probably won’t care to read past the first few sentences.  If that means I get better at being terse, then good.

Not that everything is going to be long.  But some things will be, and while I enjoy the zen semi-poetic challenge of encapsulating a moment with Twitter, I am more comfortable firing off with longer pieces.

More bread, less cookie.

2 Responses to “more bread, less cookie.”

  1. April says:

    Yay! I for one and looking forward to reading what you write! You are an awesome writer.

  2. jbgoode says:

    Thanks, April. You are one of my inspirations! So thanks for the encouragement.

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