quicken sucks

so i spent some time today reading about quicken for mac. i had really hoped, as i have always hoped, that spending $40 for an upgrade with a name that matched my calendar would work like a nice mac app should.

but no. it’s buggy, slow, prone to self-corrruption, and is the only os x app i know of that crashes regularly.

i wouldn’t be so bummed if it was the first os x port that intuit has done. but this is the second, and these people think that the next version is not worth my money.

the last one said something like “please save us, independent software developers,” and she’s right. now my job is to try all of the personal finance sw i can download from apple’s site, for starters, and see if they all suck more or less than quicken. then i have to decide if i can beat them.

i bet i would get 80% done and apple would come out with something. it’d be just my luck.

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